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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


The database giant Oracle have announced it will be supporting Linux and have come up with it's LinuxEnterprise version of Linux which can be downloaded from their website ( and the question on everyone's lips is what becomes of Redhat and Suse as far as Oracle is concerned. These two distros have been the major competitors in the Oracle Enterprise world and it seemed RedHat was doing fine until Oracle announced it was going to support Linux.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fighting for women- TAKE BACK THE TECH!

Hi people
I got this from a friend from another forum.
You could go through and see if it a worthy cause.


Hello everyone,We need your help! APC WNSP is initiating "Take Back The Tech!" - an onlinecampaign for the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence. We'vebeen sounding this off for awhile, but now we are ready to make it happen.And your input is absolutely critical for this campaign to take off.The campaign is in great need of content and ideas. Whatever you haveexperienced, thought about or know will inject the life and matter of thecampaign, so please do read on :)*What is the campaign about?*=============================It is simply a call for every person who uses online communications (ICTs),e.g. for chatting, emailing, blogging, doing websites or developing tools,to use ICTs for activism against VAW (violence againstwomen) for 16 days.Primarily, we are asking women and grrls to "Take Back The Tech!" But youdon't have to be female to disagree with violence faced by women and be partof the campaign to transform gender relations. Unequal power relations lieat the heart of VAW, and this is apparent from the streets to online spaces.So we're now saying technology should be used for equality, not toperpetuate violence.The question is, how? This is where you come in with what you know and comeup with answers.*What can you do?*==================Right now, we are building the site for this campaign to happen. A workingspace has been created to list out the different things that are needed, andyou will definitely be able to put stuff you know into it.Some examples are:. Writing "How To" guides, like how to clear your cache, how to make sureyour email communications are secure etc.. Submit online tools and applications that you came across that might behandy on this issue . Share your story, or something you know happened. E.g.someone who had been cyber-stalked and what she did, the number of unwantedporn spam you get everyday, or a brilliant and creative initiative thatworks to end VAW online, etc.. Translate resources and article into your local language.. Create icons, images and graphics. Suggest ideas on what can be done for the 16 Days. e.g. change your IMstatus message for 16 days, or email signature, or googlebombing.. Think of people or organisations that you know who would like to take upthis campaign on their website etc . Offline things that could happen (uhm.stencil revolution ;)) . Anything else you think is missing!*What Next?*============Just go to the working space and register as a user. Then check out thedifferent sections and what is needed for that. Put in what you know, yourideas and your thoughts!1. Go to: Click on "register" (right hand bar, under "Login"3. Fill in your information, then click on "register".4. Check your email, and click on the link.5. You are now registered and can submit content on any of the sections!6. Tell someone you know that might be keen to take this on, and haveknowledge, ideas and information that they would like to share.All the stuff here will be part of the building block for the campaign site,which together, we'll get to as many ICTs users as we know to "Take Back TheTech!" for 16 Days :)*More information*:==============You can know more about the campaign from the site above. Or if you havemore specific questions, just write an email to forward to meeting you at the working space, and having you as partof the campaign!

Introducing our Shalom IT students

Greetings to all of you Shalom IT Center students, past and present. Welcome to this blog, which is an online forum for us to exchange ideas. It is very simple to use. All you need to do is open an account at You log on to and create an account just like you do for an email account. Then with your account, you are ready to start contributing to this blog by way of comments. The topics we wish to cover here will focus especially on IT but we shall not be limited to this. We have the freedom to comment on any subject in the planet.

Some guidelines though; We shall not accept certain extremes such as racism, pornography, suggestive language, open riducle of others on the blog and such kind. The moderators and administrators of the Blog will remove such comments and block such a contributor from making further submisions. Let us make positive contributions.

Pls feel free to share your opinions and as we endeavor to build our Shalom IT Center.

The Shalom IT Blog team.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Tuition and examination fee for Shalom IT courses

Shalom IT Center came up with good strategy to encourage especially the youth to learn IT program by reducing the tuition fees as follows:

Course Tution Exam fees Duration
Foundation in Comp 4,000 1000 2 months
A+ Certification 25,000 2000 2 months
N+ Certification 15,000 1000 1 month
I-Net Certification 15,000 1000 1 month
Red Hat Linux 15,000 1000 2 months
CCNA Course 60,000 6 months
Diplom program 74,000 9000 9 months

So, what is on offer at Shalom IT

At the moment, Shalom IT is offering the following courses:
1. Introduction to computers
2. A+ - computer hardware and operating systems
3. N+ - setting up and administering computer networks
4. I-Net+ - all about E-commerce
5. Red Hat Linux - a free and open source Operating system
6. CCNA- the best networking course ever!
7. Shalom IT Kids - during Kenyan school holidays
8. Diploma in IT.

For more information, write to


Shalom IT Center Kenya - Whats New

Introducing Advanced MS-office at Shalom IT Center:
It is a course which contains six different modules and it takes exactly two months.
In this course you learn a bit of Networking, troubleshooting Computer software, desktop publishing (PageMaker) and advanced Word processing.
Our future dream in this course,is to train our people making wireless connection and securing it.

Shalom IT Center invites you to register !

Let us share our knowledge especially in Technology!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Shalom IT Center Kenya - Whats New

Shalom IT Center Kenya - Whats New

so what is happening today at Shalom IT?

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Graduating classes

On Friday October 06, two clasess graduated at Shalom IT Center.
Network + and A + students.

We wish them all the best in their IT career

Cisco Seminar October 7th

Shalom IT today held a free seminar for its students ( current and former) in which the Cisco Networking Academy Program was discussed at lenght.

The seminar which focussed on CCNA took the participants through the modules which are covered.

There was also a demonstration of basic network configuration.

CCNA classes begin on 29th January 2007 and registration is on now. For a chance, use the following contacts :
Tel: +254 020 3870873